I guess Gio wasn't finished with his nap because when we went inside he fell asleep in the dining room...
AND on my mat by the window.
When he FINALLY woke up…
he followed me to my waterbowl…
and then to my kitchen mat…
and even to the door to go back outside. I think I have a hairy little shadow!
My friend Giovanni (I call him Gio because Giovanni is a HUGE name for a little dog) lives down the street and I like to visit him and his doggy sister Lala when I go for walks. Gio is a Shih Tzu, a boy and adopted just like me! His big sister ... the human one... had to get married today so Gio came to visit me and Mommy. We explored the front yard first.
Then Gio sniffed the driveway gate …
and I found a tree in my driveway! But when I looked for Gio I couldn't find him anywhere.
Then I realized my red and green bush usually doesn't have hairy legs!
When he finally finished sniffing my red and green bush we went to explore the rest of the yard together.
We sniffed where a tree used to live …
then we sniffed each other and the new grass. Mmmmm. New grass smells GOOD!
Apparently Gio is all sniffed out and ready for a nap. I guess it's time to head inside.

    Chopper Steedley-Tolan

    is a five-year-old Shih Tzu
    who completed beginner obedience training, but was called “strong-willed” and “a party on wheels” by his teachers. Chopper is currently working on his third photo-illustrated children's book,
    and has also written a travel guide for dogs and their humans. He enjoys riding motorcycles, traveling, visiting schools and libraries and playing with his toys and canine and human friends. Chopper lives in Northern California with his family.


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