When I finished my nap, Mommy said it was time to share my books with all the little listeners at Church Street Academy! I'm not sure what a listener is, but I know I am little so they MUST be like me.
It didn't take long to figure out that a little listener is little like me AND listens to Mommy read my books just like I do!
After I helped Mommy answer lots of questions, it was time to take pictures with my new friends at Church Street Academy. First, there were big group pictures ...
... then little group pictures.
... and then one last picture before it was time for all the little listeners ...
... to pet me goodbye one at a time.
Suddenly we realized there was one little listener left. Her name's Liza Jane and it was her birthday! So, we wished her happy birthday and she gave me a smile and a pet before it was time for us to leave to get ready for our next adventure.
Before we left our friends at Walter Jackson, I helped Mommy give Zanna …
… Jack …
… and Layla their certificates for being the winners of my art contest!
I liked all my friends' drawings, but I picked Layla's idea to use in my next book because I will get to lick the plates clean! Thank you for such a great idea Layla.
After we handed out the certificates it was time to say goodbye to my friend Joanna …
… and my friends Stella and Mr. Todd!
Then it was time for a LONG nap because I heard we're going back to visit in April!
When we got to Walter Jackson I was so excited to see all my friends my tail kept wagging …
… and wagging …
… and wagging …
… until it was time to sit down and help Mommy read my new book to my friends.
I did my best to pay attention, but me and my friend in the bright red shirt didn't do a very good job.
Soon it was time to answer all the students' questions. There were a whole bunch of them!
After I helped Mommy answer all the questions it was time to say goodbye to each of my friends, one at a time.
After a quick water break even MORE friends came to visit!
Mommy said I didn't do a very good job paying attention this time either since I decided to take a nap!
After my nap it was time to say goodbye to more of my Walter Jackson friends. But our visit wasn't over yet!
Soon after we launched my new book it was time to go back to the gigantic book house for storytime! I got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa while Mommy set up all my books.
Before long there was a room full of children and parents to hear my new book, "I'm Not Icky!"
After the story, the children each had a chance to pet me gently, one at a time. I think my ear was only pulled once!
Next everyone had a chance to look at my books, including Miss Sandy, ...
... and listen to "I'm Not Sick!". I didn't pay attention because I was too busy sniffing something yummy someone left on the floor right in front of me.
When Mommy bumped my chair with her knee I knew I was busted so I decided to pay attention instead of getting in trouble like I can't seem to avoid doing.
After the story was over Grandpa and Grandma helped me and Mommy sign my books.
Soon we looked up and our friends the Smiths were there! I had a great time playing with Ella and Collin. Ella even took me for a walk!
After Ella and Collin went home it was time to make some new friends. They petted me ....
... and played with me until it was time to go home. Mommy said I need to have a good sleep tonight because we are going to visit all our friends at Walter Jackson soon and I can't wait!
When I went inside the gigantic book house I saw a big sign with my name on it. It had so many colors it looked like a sunset!
My friend Miss Sandy and her friends threw the book launch party for me. My friend Dana was there... and Grandma too!
It was really fun to see my friend Cheryl...but I got in trouble for running around to visit all the books in the HUGE book house!
So I hung out with Miss Sandy so I would stay out of trouble until it was time to share my new book.
Miss Elizabeth and a bunch more people came to see my new book...and eat some yummy treats!
Mommy and I gave Miss Sandy a gift for helping me launch my new book. By the way, it's called "I'm Not Icky!" and you can order it by clicking on Chopper's Store at the top of the page!
I had lots of fun at my book launch party at the big book house...especailly when I made some new friends who like to read just about as much as I like to write books!
Two days after my California book launch Mommy and I woke up REALLY early to fly to Alabama. It was SOOO early I fell asleep in Mommy's seat before she even put our bags away!
When the sun started to wake up so did I. My window was FULL of colors!
When we stopped at the airport halfway to Alabama, Mommy and I ate lunch and I even made some new friends! They live in a place called Texas and were coming home from a football game.
When we FINALLY got to the airport in Alabama, Grandpa was waiting for us. I ate my dinner in the parking garage and then tried my best to get Grandpa to share his dinner when we got to his house, but it didn't work.
The next day it was time to get back to work. First, I took some of my books to The Learning Tree so the boys and girsl in Alabama could buy them. Then it was time to get ready to launch my new book, "I'm Not Icky!", in Alabama.
I finally finished my new book, "I'm Not Icky!", so Mommy said it was time to have a party for it called a book launch. We had people peanut butter treats and doggy peanut butter treats. They were YUMMY!
My friend Leonela came to help me celebrate!
My riding buddies Mari and Richie dropped by on their Saturday ride. I even got to try out Mari's Harley!
Then I took a nap in Leonela's lap...
… before my friends Dennis …
… Precious, Faye and Andrea came to visit. Dennis is my friend Sophie's Daddy.  Precious and her Mommy Faye used to be my neighbors and Andrea is an author too! Terri, Andre and Manny also came by, but Mommy forgot to take their picture.
Since Miss Carla and Miss Pat did so much to help me with my new book I gave them a present before the party was over.
And they gave me a kiss! Thanks Breeders' Corner and all my friends who helped with my book and party.
Layla • Zanna • Jack • Mary Bradford • Sam
I guess Gio wasn't finished with his nap because when we went inside he fell asleep in the dining room...
AND on my mat by the window.
When he FINALLY woke up…
he followed me to my waterbowl…
and then to my kitchen mat…
and even to the door to go back outside. I think I have a hairy little shadow!
My friend Giovanni (I call him Gio because Giovanni is a HUGE name for a little dog) lives down the street and I like to visit him and his doggy sister Lala when I go for walks. Gio is a Shih Tzu, a boy and adopted just like me! His big sister ... the human one... had to get married today so Gio came to visit me and Mommy. We explored the front yard first.
Then Gio sniffed the driveway gate …
and I found a tree in my driveway! But when I looked for Gio I couldn't find him anywhere.
Then I realized my red and green bush usually doesn't have hairy legs!
When he finally finished sniffing my red and green bush we went to explore the rest of the yard together.
We sniffed where a tree used to live …
then we sniffed each other and the new grass. Mmmmm. New grass smells GOOD!
Apparently Gio is all sniffed out and ready for a nap. I guess it's time to head inside.